Vincenzo Quadrio


The fragment of the tombstone does not allow to identify with certainty the client. A Vincenzo di Gio. Antonio Quadrio born in Ponte di Valtellina around 1525 was created Cavaliere Aurato by Pius IV with a brief of 13 September 1564 for the work of contrasting the spread of Protestant ideas in the valley. He tested in 1588. The noble Quadrio or Quadri family originally from Como, where it was part of the Ghibelline faction, in the thirteenth century following the defeat of Barbarossa by the Lombard League moved to Valtellina, where it always held leading roles in the political, military and ecclesiastical fields; in the Duchy of Milan and in today's Canton ticino. A branch of the same is documented in Venice in the sixteenth century with the doctor Cristoforo di Simone Quadrio, nicknamed "del Duca", originally from Ponte in Valtellina and doctorate in Padua on December 23, 1557, who died with his teenage son Simone in 1580 and remembered with him by a plaque placed at the Salute.Vincenzo Quadrio, who was "spicier all'insegna della Vecchia" in Campo di San Luca (sestier dei San Marco) and to whom the plaque preserved in the Grand Priory of the Order of Malta could refer, may not be foreign to this branch.